Excerpt from Bobby and Brad

Are fairy stories true?

How long do spells last?

Is dying forever?



Chapter One


My name is Bobby Kowalski. When I was smaller than I am now, I had a bad sickness. It was something called men-in-jeans, and I almost died. I don’t remember it. I just heard Mom telling the lady who comes to help wash and feed me about it. She said, “Oh the poor little man.”

I’m not a man. I’m a boy. Maybe someone else had the men-in-jeans. Still, it is very strange I can’t run and jump and throw stones into the pond the way I used to.


~ ~ ~

My mom’s name is Emily, and she’s beautiful. She has soft brown hair, and her eyes are the same color as the sky on a sunny day. Dad’s name is Jess. He’s tall as a tree, and his voice sounds all low and rumbly. If a bear could talk, and it was friendly, I believe it would sound exactly like my dad.

Mom takes care of me while Dad goes to work, and my favorite part of the day is when she reads to me. In the books are pictures of dinosaurs and trucks, horses and trains, ships and treasures. The people in the stories have adventures.

I very much want to have an adventure.


~ ~ ~

Today, Dad brought home a dog. He is black on top and tan underneath with pointy ears and a bushy tail. He came and licked my hand, and I heard the words, “Come play with me,” inside my head. It felt strange and tingly.

“Ah, perhaps you cannot,” he said. Then rubbed his head on my arm. His fur tickled, making me want to laugh.

“I wonder what your name is.”

It was only a thought because I can’t talk, but he answered, “Brad.”

“You can hear me? How?”

“Ah. That is an enigma.”

I had no idea what that was, a nigma. I decided it must mean he didn’t understand either. Just then, Dad cleared his throat, and I looked at him. He was smiling at Brad and me, but Mom had tears in her eyes.

I was very afraid it meant Brad couldn’t stay.


~ ~ ~


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