Discussion Questions for Book Groups

The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club – Book One


1. Who was your favorite character among the Brookside Retirement Community aka Babbling Brook residents: Josephine, Lillian, Myrtle, or Edna? Why?

2. What details about Brookside Retirement Community amused you?

3. At what point in the story did you begin to feel sympathetic toward Josephine?

4. What did you think of the changing points of view? Did that work for you?

5. Did you enjoy the naked poker revelations? Did they surprise you?

6. Do you have any advice for Josephine on how to (or whether to) repair her relationship with her son?

7. What did you think of the plan to confront Eddie about his pilfering?

8. What did you think of Josephine’s and Lillian’s approach to finding out the thief’s identity?

9. Do you think Edna can be redeemed?

10. Were you surprised at Devi’s backstory and her reasons for finding it uncomfortable to be around Mac?

11. Were the relationships between Devi and Josephine and Devi and Mac believable and satisfying?