Quilting and Writing

102_6390sOne of the ways I come up with ideas for my stories is to combine writing with another creative endeavor.  Lately that’s been quilting.

Here’s the quilt that accompanied the writing of Dreams for Stones. It’s a Thousand Pyramid Pattern:

102_6380sI began a second quilt while I was writing the sequel, Persistence of Dreams.  It, too, is a Thousand Pyramid design, and yet the resulting quilt is very different.

Which is rather like story-telling. The elements from story to story may be the same (character facing a crisis) but the colors, textures, and design render each story and each quilt unique.

102_6394sAs I worked on Absence of Grace, I once again started a quilt.

The novel features new characters and a different setting than my “dream” novels, and thus it’s appropriate that I am using a different quilt pattern: a type of “string” quilt.



Obliviass –   This is the person talking loudly and inanely on their cell-phone at a funeral viewing, in a cancer specialist’s waiting room,  or soon to be sitting next to you at 30,000 feet. 

Indecisionitis – An painful inflammation of your decision gland.

Weirdities – Like oddities only stranger

To-ing and fro-ing – the process of taking a roundtrip from here to there

And why do we call it a Pride of lions or a Gaggle of geese?  Such sayings originated often with a word game in which someone suggested a plural subject (lions) and everyone competed to pair it with a second descriptive noun.  Here are some personal examples:

decantate of winos

verisimilitude of twins

torrent of trees

an obfuscation of politicians

A Hover of Gulls

A Hover of Gulls

A Gala of Dahlias

A Gala of Dahlias

A Bacchanal of Boobies

A Bacchanal of Boobies