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Vocabulary of Light

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Living on a tropical island might sound like a dream to some people, but for Maggie Chase it’s more of a challenge than she’s looking for. Maggie, who has a PhD in biochemistry, agreed to put her husband’s career first after the birth of their daughters, and that has now led to Mike accepting the position of CEO of the Lillith Pharmaceuticals plant in San Juan. Struggling to fit into the bilingual, Latin culture of Puerto Rico, Maggie’s adjustment is aided by the friendships she develops. Friendships that bring both dark and light into her life, and eventually demand of her an inner strength and resilience she didn’t know she was capable of.

Suitable for all readers.

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What Readers Are Saying

Another exciting, emotionally-involving read. Maggie finds new light and adventure. But in the light, there are always shadows, and Maggie must make choices about how involved she should get. And is it ever a good idea to hide things from the man you love? I love Warner’s books, and in this new offering she makes us live and breathe Puerto Rico in the 1980s .  Margaret Johnson, Author of Perfect Responses

Once again, Ann Warner has given us another great read with a vivid insight to a new place and a gripping, and yet heartwarming story. Juli Townsend, Author of Absent Children