The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club – Book Three

About This Book


There’s a new resident at Brookside (aka Babbling Brook) Retirement Community, femme fatale, Lottie Watson. When Lottie loses a Naked Poker game, she tells a story about how her husband walked away in the LA airport and was never seen or heard from again. Josephine is intrigued, and her decision to try to find out what happened to Clarence Watson will have far-reaching consequences, not least for Josephine herself who inadvertently places herself in the sights of a psychopathic killer. Meanwhile, Mac and Devi encounter some difficulties of their own when Mac’s ex-wife remarries, and the new husband is transferred. That means the twins, Toby and Lily, will be leaving Cincinnati, a devastating blow to Devi and Mac who share their custody.


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