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The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club – Book Three

About This Book

Josephine Bartlett is back, joined by her partner in mystery-solving, Lill Fitzel,  flamboyant ex-beauty queen, Myrtle Grabinowitz, former attorney/current novelist, Philippa Scott Williamson, Brookside’s thief, Edna Prisant, good friends Devi and Mac McElroy, and last, but not least, love-interest Norman Neumann.

When new resident, Lottie Watson, loses at Naked Poker, she tells a bizarre story about how years ago her husband disappeared in the LA airport. Josephine and Lill, intrigued enough to investigate, discover there may be more ominous goings-on than a simple disappearance…or are there? Meanwhile, Josephine ignores the mysteries of her own heart.

Appropriate for all readers.

Now available in electronic, print, and large-print editions.

And as an audio book


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 A Selection of Comments from Reviewers

This series has received over 1000 Five-Star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other book sites.

Wonderful mix of characters you’ll fall in love with.

Book Three deals another great hand. Charming and intriguing throughout. Characters continue to grow and develop while revealing another great story. A delight to read.

I want to be just as smart, feisty and generous as Josephine when I’m her age. I am a fan of this series as well as the author’s other writing. I know when I pick up one of Ann Warner’s books I will be taken on a journey into other lives with people I want to spend time with. Of all her characters the ones in this series are my favorites.

There is always a mystery to be solved and Josephine and all of her friends get the job done with cunning and humor. The relationship that they have makes me wish they were real and that I knew all of them!

Once again Ann Warner wrote a suspenseful story that not only solved a mystery but gives us a look inside the psyche and emotions of her characters. I look forward to getting to know myself better through another one of Ann Warner’s characters in her next book!