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Memory Lessons

About This Book


An emotional novel about how life’s unexpected detours can ultimately bring you home.

Glenna Girard has passed through the agony and utter darkness of an unimaginable loss. It is only in planning her escape, from her marriage and her current circumstances, that she manages to start moving again, toward a place where she can live in anonymity and atone for the unforgivable mistake she has made.

As she takes tentative steps into the new life she is so carefully shaping, she has no desire to connect with other people. But fate has other ideas, bringing her a family who can benefit from her help if only she will give it. And a man, Jack Ralston, who is everything she needs, if Glenna will just let herself see it.

Suitable for all readers.

Also available in print.

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What Readers Are Saying


The story line in the book will draw you in, and you will think you know what is going on and what is going to happen. But it has surprises awaiting you. For an enjoyable read, you don’t want to miss this inspirational story. David Johnson, author of The Tucker Series

This is a really emotionally-engaging read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Warner is so good at showing her character’s emotions – both female and male…a real treat if you like to read novels that make you feel.  Margaret Johnson, author of The Goddess Workshop

Right from the start of Memory Lessons, I felt myself relax into the story and the prose. I knew I was going to enjoy this novel that promised to deliver high-stakes drama with real characters and an understanding of how women process memory and guilt. With a range of surprises to grab the reader’s interest…Glenna must figure out what to do with the rest of her life after committing the unforgivable. Ms. Warner does another fine job, tying both plot and subplots together in a completely atypical, but convincingly logical story that left me satisfied with a good read as well as new perspectives. Patricia Macauliffe

A lovely and compelling story. The characters are multidimensional and real. The plot contains some genuine surprise twists. All in all, the book is an enjoyable and engaging read, which stuck with me a long time after I had put it down. Michelle Lam, author of The Accidental Prophetess