Download Instructions

You don’t need a Kindle to read any of my  e-books, even the ones found exclusively on Amazon. You can read any Amazon e-book on your computer or phone after downloading the free app from Amazon.

Just look for READ ON ANY DEVICE under the book cover icon on the Amazon listing page.

For any Kindle reader or a reader with a Kindle App  download either the Kindle MOBI file or  the PDF file and then attach the file to an email and send it to your Kindle email address. For instructions on where to find your Kindle’s email address check here:

For Android, Windows, Blackberry, or other devices, first download the free Kindle app here:  then follow the above instructions for  Kindles.

For Nook and Kobo  download the EPUB file, plug your device into your computer and copy the files over.Further instructions for Nook are here:  Kobo’s are here:

For Apple devices, download the EPUB file and then email that  file to yourself. Use your Apple device to “open in ibooks”.  More information can be found here:

PDF files are compatible with a variety of devices including Kindle Readers. See instructions above for transferring to your specific device.